Our State of the Homeschool Address – A Mid-Year Review

  After graduating the two oldest of our eight kids, I know full well that time does indeed fly and, because of this, that I need to be intentional in how I parent and educate the rest of my kids while they are still at home. From creating a homeschool mission statement to planning our daily […]

A Day in the Life of our Large, Non-Traditional-Learner Homeschool

Every year I write a day-in-the-life post for the blog.  There is an unfortunate tendency in blogging to elaborate on the good parts of homeschooling while neglecting the down side – a reality of every homeschool.   There is no perfect homeschool.  Ahh comparison – the junior high mentality that somehow manages to cripple […]

Homeschool Scheduling for the Busy Homeschool

This is not a typical post on how to make a homeschool schedule.  If you need a post like that, read this post I wrote last year called Creating Your Homeschool Schedule.  That post contains a lot of super helpful strategies that I use every year to create our family homeschool schedule. The purpose of […]

Establishing a Quiet Time Routine

    ‘How on Earth do you do it?’ I’m not sure if this frequently asked question should concern me, but it is often the response I receive when people learn that I have 8 kids and that we homeschool all of them! This blog has shared many of the ways that we manage our […]

A Homeschool Day in the Life With a 15, 14, 9, 8, 5 & 2 Year Old

This year marks the 17th year that our family has homeschooled.  There have been as many different schedules and curriculums as there are years to count and I love to look back on our years and see how we have been led to make our home a place where kids can live and learn.  Nuturing […]

Homeschooling Through the Holidays

Although I didn’t realize this when I first began homeschooling some 17 years ago, I have discovered the blessings of the great freedom we enjoy as homeschooling families.  Once I got past the idea of recreating the public or private school classroom at home, I realized that our possibilities are endless.  We can change […]