When Parenting is Hard

I’m writing this post 10,000 feet in the air as I fly up to beautiful Oregon to attend the Come Away Retreat at Rockaway Beach. I’ll be speaking in a breakout session entitled ‘Fearless Parenting’ which is ironic because it has been an unusually trying month of struggles and disappointments for me in that area. […]

Helping Kids Find Purpose

When I became a parent for the first time nearly 23 years ago, I was much more concerned with getting some sleep and maybe even a shower than I was with helping my kids find their purpose.  In fact, being raised in a traditional home and school environment, my own purpose (at least for […]

5 Helpful Homeschool Hacks For an Easier Week

Our homeschool is gradually returning to a lifestyle of more focused learning and we are finding our way into a homeschool rhythm that works.  We’ve made some dramatic changes to our homeschool this year that I haven’t written about yet.  The main jist of these changes is that we are majorly simplifying our schedule. […]

Parenting Outside the Box

  Because I am the mother of teen sailors, Zac and Abby Sunderland, I am often asked what on earth went on on our home life to and what elements of their education and life enabled each of them at 16-years old, to take on the challenge of sailing alone around the world. I am […]

Top 10 Parenting Posts From Abundant Life

  Sometimes I feel like such a phony writing about parenting.  Two of my kids were so naughty this week during a visit with my sister and her sweet kids visiting from San Francisco that I spent much of the visit hoping the floor would open up and swallow me (or them – ahem) […]

Homeschool Organization: First Things First

Photo Credit I love posts on organization – especially homeschool organization.  I love to learn what is working for other families as we march down this same path seeking to get. it. all. done. More than reading posts on organization, I like to be organized.  Since I am not naturally inclined towards order, rather […]

Dear Discouraged Mama

I sat my Bible down in my lap and pondered the words of my morning devotion time.  Early quiet time with the Lord has been a life changing habit of mine for over a year now. My eyes surveyed our currently uninhabited family room and as they did my heart tumbled.  This room had […]

Taking our Children From Conflict to Character

I sat at my desk, pouring through emails about soccer, school, classes and business.  Lessons needed planning and tests grading.  The stack of bills needing attention leaned precariously towards the edge of my desk, threatening to throw themselves overboard.  Spread too thin, I struggled to mentally organize and prioritize my many responsibilities.   My time, […]

Lessons {About Parenting} From the Garden

The sun had already poked its head high enough to shed white light through the blinds as my alarm broke through the silence – pushing me toward another day. Last week at this early hour, it was still black outside. Spring must be on its way. There are blossoms on the fruit trees and the […]