Myths and Facts About ADD

Just as there are many Myths About Dyslexia, there are  many, if not more, myths about ADD or ADHD. I must confess that I, too, believed that ADD and ADHD were nothing more than a discipline issue or that perhaps these kids were just watching too much TV and eating too much red dye […]

10 Little-known Advantages of Dyslexia

Did you know researchers have found that self-made millionaires are 4 times more likely to be dyslexic than the rest of the population? While the school years can be a difficult time for dyslexic learners, their exceptional gifts and talents have made them some of the most successful people in the world- outside the […]

Dyslexia – What to Do?

A while back I posted about Our Dyslexia Journey, attempting to share our experience raising and homeschooling a houseful of kids with Dyslexia.  I recommend reading that post first as it coves some things that will not be mentioned in this post, including how God’s Word speaks on this issue.  I ended that post with […]