A Day in the Life of our Large, Non-Traditional-Learner Homeschool

Every year I write a day-in-the-life post for the blog.  There is an unfortunate tendency in blogging to elaborate on the good parts of homeschooling while neglecting the down side – a reality of every homeschool.   There is no perfect homeschool.  Ahh comparison – the junior high mentality that somehow manages to cripple […]

How to Balance the Needs of the Large Family at Christmas

With the birth of every new baby in our family we have gradually scaled back on time commitments out of a shear lack of time and energy.  However, no matter how much you intentionally scale back your commitments, even one special event per child can make it difficult to balance the needs of the large family at […]

How to Afford the Large Family Christmas

For a Christian blogger, it may seem unspiritual to equate Christmas balance and peace to finances but after 24 years of marriage and parenting, I’m all done pretending that issues don’t exist when they clearly do.  Being able to afford Christmas is important on many levels.   Christmas with a large family necessarily means more people […]

5 Days of Large Family Christmas Survival Tips

Perhaps the title of this post sounds a bit ‘bah humbug’.  Survival tips?  Aren’t we supposed to be decking the halls and rejoicing throughout the month of December? At the risk of sounding like a whiner, I am writing this week on surviving Christmas with a large family.  Why?  Because, although as a rule […]

Homeschooling: Finding Our Rhythm

  It has been a bit quiet around here lately with the launch of my new site and getting back to school.  We just finished our first official week of school.  I LOVE homeschooling.  However, I am always surprised at how surprised I am that it is SO difficult to get started. Well, starting wasn’t […]

Where We Homeschool Our Large Family

I have written before on how we homeschool our large family in a small house.  Despite my disclaimer of being neither an extremely large family nor having an extremely small house, I was told that our house was not small. Perhaps I need to clarify by saying that if you were home all day […]

Large Family Cooking: 10 Must Have Kitchen Tools

I enjoy cooking.  Really, I do.  It’s just that with 8 kids, it can feel like I’m preparing food all. the. time. Although I am not naturally organized, I have managed to keep everyone alive for the past 23 years and over that time, I have learned some practical ways to prepare reasonably healthy […]

Feeding the Large Family: Rules of the Game

  Photo Credit The frequent feeding of large numbers of people can get a mom down.  Why is that someone is always hungry?! Be encouraged, however, that the very act of sitting down to eat together has a more profound effect than just filling stomachs: Frequent family meals are associated with a lower risk of […]

Top 10 Parenting Posts From Abundant Life

  Sometimes I feel like such a phony writing about parenting.  Two of my kids were so naughty this week during a visit with my sister and her sweet kids visiting from San Francisco that I spent much of the visit hoping the floor would open up and swallow me (or them – ahem) […]

Finding Our Homeschool ‘Groove’

We’re wrapping up our 3rd week of homeschool.  We seem to be finding our groove quickly this year. Our daily routine is based these days less on a schedule and more on blocks of time.  For example, instead of being scheduled like this: 9:00 –  Bible Study 9:30  –  Science 10:00  –  English 10:30  – […]

Top 10 Toys That Encourage Creative Play

  Having a large family living in a small house can be a real challenge.  Finding bed space, organizing clothing, designating homeschool areas and carefully managing storage needs are critical lest the house be overrun with messes and stuff. One way we have managed our stuff is to focus on toys for our kids that […]

A Homeschool Day in the Life With a 15, 14, 9, 8, 5 & 2 Year Old

This year marks the 17th year that our family has homeschooled.  There have been as many different schedules and curriculums as there are years to count and I love to look back on our years and see how we have been led to make our home a place where kids can live and learn.  Nuturing […]