Can Kids With Dyslexia Succeed in Classical Conversations?

After homeschooling kids with dyslexia for 20 years, I’ve tried just about every homeschool curriculum out there.  At least it feels that way and a quick look at my bookshelves pretty much confirms it.  Trying, tweaking and switching out homeschool curricula is just part of the homeschool experience whether your kids have dyslexia, as […]

Our Homeschool High School Curriculum Choices 2014-2015

  Time has taken on a new dimension over here.  It seems like just yesterday I began homeschooling our first born (and felt totally overwhelmed by the way)!  Eight kids and 19 years later… This year we will be homeschooling (click to read posts): Preschool Second Grade Fifth & Sixth Grades Two 11th Graders […]

I Need Your Dyslexia Stories

It has been a little quiet here on the blog.  I have waited to tell of the exciting changes that are taking place because, well, they are so much like a dream come true, I could hardly believe them myself! Firstly, I just finished my final exam in an online course to become a certified […]

Reader Question: What About my Older Struggling Reader?

I received a question recently from a reader with an 11th grade son who was a struggling reader. He had many of the classic signs of dyslexia although he had never been diagnosed or tested. He was still not entirely independent with his schoolwork, especially with reading and understanding text books and test questions.  Mom […]

Teaching Reading to a Dyslexic Student

    Teaching reading is such an incredible privilege.  As an avid reader from an early age, my favorite books have become like friends to me.   A large portion of my fondest childhood memories are of the great books I read.  So when I had my own children, I filled my house with books […]

I Can’t Homeschool Because my Kids are Dyslexic

I’ve talked to many moms in my 22 years of parenting.  I love being able to share my heart with a kindred spirit.  There is something cathartic about confessing fears and hearing words of encouragement, or at the very least, understanding from someone who has been there and done that.  With the wisdom and support […]

Standardized Testing in the Homeschool: Yes or No?

    Last week was the week that our private school/homeschool group held their annual standardized testing service. We rarely have our kids tested for a variety of reasons that I will discuss in a minute.  However, this year my two 9th-graders took the test which had me pondering and rethinking my position on whether […]

An Unfortunate Truth About Dyslexia

Photo Credit   A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a community screening of James Redford’s documentary, The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia. It was well-done and an eye-opening look at the reality of what it means to be a person with dyslexia.  If you, or someone you know, is like the […]

Homeschooling: In Which Mom Does Some Learning

It has been an odd week here.  My early morning time with the Lord is spent in much quiet – listening for Him to speak into my life and give direction, for words, for wisdom to order my days aright. My heart is drawn overwhelmingly to my family.  Time at the computer is almost […]

Homeschooling With Dyslexia: How to Choose a Dyslexia Tutor

Welcome back to Day 8 of this 10-Day Series on Homeschooling with Dyslexia. To find all the posts in this series, click on the photo above. A Quick Note Yesterday’s post on Testing for Dyslexia somehow went out as an older rough draft.  If you received this post via email, you may want to […]

Learning Styles and the Homeschool

Much has been written lately about different styles of learning {the way that an individual learns best} in an effort to improve learning experiences for kids and adults.  Honestly, I never gave it much thought until I began homeschooling my kids.  You see, I loved the traditional workbook/textbook method.  “Just tell mw how many […]

10 Little-known Advantages of Dyslexia

Did you know researchers have found that self-made millionaires are 4 times more likely to be dyslexic than the rest of the population? While the school years can be a difficult time for dyslexic learners, their exceptional gifts and talents have made them some of the most successful people in the world- outside the […]