Help For The Unorganized Homeschooler

It seems to be a time of confession this week on the blog.  From sharing what our homeschool really looks like, to admitting that I am {almost} hopelessly unorganized – I’m into keeping it real. Because who needs to hear how awesome we homeschool bloggers are without also hearing how we fall? It is no secret that […]

Intentional Homeschooling: How to Give Up Good Things so You Can Have The Best

  This week on the blog, we’re talking about creating and maintaining balance in our home schools. We all have 24 hours a day and, in large part, the freedom to choose what we do with those 24 hours.  One would think that we would be able to ‘get it all done’ with SO […]

Establishing a Quiet Time Routine

    ‘How on Earth do you do it?’ I’m not sure if this frequently asked question should concern me, but it is often the response I receive when people learn that I have 8 kids and that we homeschool all of them! This blog has shared many of the ways that we manage our […]

How I Overcame Homeschool Burnout

  As you get older, you begin to see certain cycles that reappear in regular fashion over time.  One of those cycles occurs regularly in the months after the Winter Holidays and before Spring Break. February marks what I only half jokingly refer to as National Homeschool Burnout Month. Signs of Homeschool Burnout Any of […]

In Which The Winter Blahs Arrive

I’ve been inspired to write more than a few of my ‘dear mom’ posts lately which is a good indicator that I am in need of some encouragement.  You know I am writing these letters to myself, right?  <grin> You would think with the sunny skies of Southern California that the winter time blahs would […]