5 Tips for Getting Back to School

Ahhh, vacation time!  I love the relaxed atmosphere in our home and the freedom to do what we want on any given day without the demands of school work.  Much like returning from vacation to a whopping pile of smelling laundry, getting back to school  can seem overwhelming and unappealing after a long break. Everyone has […]

Help For The Unorganized Homeschooler

It seems to be a time of confession this week on the blog.  From sharing what our homeschool really looks like, to admitting that I am {almost} hopelessly unorganized – I’m into keeping it real. Because who needs to hear how awesome we homeschool bloggers are without also hearing how we fall? It is no secret that […]

Dear Homeschool Mama Who Wants to Get it All Done

I sat at the kitchen table, pencil tapping my teacher’s guide impatiently. Knowing that the reading lesson I was attempting to teach was only a fraction of the way finished and that we still had Math, History and Science to complete, this mama was getting antsy. My son, full of life and joy was […]

Homeschooling: Finding Our Rhythm

  It has been a bit quiet around here lately with the launch of my new site and getting back to school.  We just finished our first official week of school.  I LOVE homeschooling.  However, I am always surprised at how surprised I am that it is SO difficult to get started. Well, starting wasn’t […]

Where We Homeschool Our Large Family

I have written before on how we homeschool our large family in a small house.  Despite my disclaimer of being neither an extremely large family nor having an extremely small house, I was told that our house was not small. Perhaps I need to clarify by saying that if you were home all day […]

Intentional Homeschooling: How to Give Up Good Things so You Can Have The Best

  This week on the blog, we’re talking about creating and maintaining balance in our home schools. We all have 24 hours a day and, in large part, the freedom to choose what we do with those 24 hours.  One would think that we would be able to ‘get it all done’ with SO […]

Homeschool Scheduling for the Busy Homeschool

This is not a typical post on how to make a homeschool schedule.  If you need a post like that, read this post I wrote last year called Creating Your Homeschool Schedule.  That post contains a lot of super helpful strategies that I use every year to create our family homeschool schedule. The purpose of […]

5 Days of Creating Balance in Your Homeschool

You may be wondering why I am writing about balance in the homeschool while we are still enjoying our summer breaks and, more likely than not, fantasizing about how next year is going to be the perfect year – finally.  You know you’re thinking it.  How do I know this?  I’ve been homeschooling for […]

How to Make an End of the Year Homeschool Assessment

Quick!  Before you head off to the beach, take the time to make an assessment of your homeschool year. I know how tempting it is to close the door on the homeschool room and try to forget the previous 9 months of your life, but honestly, you’re missing out on something of great value […]

Establishing a Quiet Time Routine

    ‘How on Earth do you do it?’ I’m not sure if this frequently asked question should concern me, but it is often the response I receive when people learn that I have 8 kids and that we homeschool all of them! This blog has shared many of the ways that we manage our […]

How I Overcame Homeschool Burnout

  As you get older, you begin to see certain cycles that reappear in regular fashion over time.  One of those cycles occurs regularly in the months after the Winter Holidays and before Spring Break. February marks what I only half jokingly refer to as National Homeschool Burnout Month. Signs of Homeschool Burnout Any of […]

How to Make a Mid Year Homeschool Assessment

Photo Credit I talk to a lot of homeschool moms.  We come from all walks of life but we all have this one thing in common;  we all feel like we’re not ‘doing enough’. ‘Doing enough’ is a vague mixture of ideals, comparing ourselves to the homeschool family next door and counting the unfinished […]