Homeschooling a Dyslexic Preschooler

  In the past, I have not been a proponent of a highly structured preschool for my homeschooled kids.  Our curriculum consisted of Play Doh, read alouds and lots of freedom to play. My educational philosophy about preschool has changed some in the past few years in large part because of all the research […]

Homeschooling the Preschooler

  So much of a preschooler’s life is spent learning completely organically.  They are constantly driven by their unparalleled curiosity to explore everything in the world around them.  This can be a good thing or, if left to themselves too long, it can be a bad thing – a real bad thing.  That is why […]

How to Homeschool Your Kindergartener

  One of the reasons that I started blogging was to share the knowledge I’ve gained over the last 20 years of homeschooling our 8 kids.  So when a reader asked me recently about homeschooling her Kindergartener and expressed her concerns for what her child may be missing out on by being at home […]

Homeschooling Kindergarten :: A Week in the Life

  After having homeschooled for over 16 years, including graduating two kids from highschool, I have to say that I get a kick out of moms who worry about homeschooling their kindergarteners.  No disrespect intended – I do get it.  The responsibility of laying a strong educational foundation in reading, writing and math is […]

Abundant Life Curriculum Choices 2012-2013 :: The Littles

 HOMESCHOOL CURRICULUM FOR PRESCHOOL AND KINDERGARTEN   Having homeschooled now for going on 18 years, I have learned a thing or two about choosing curriculum.  There are many variables that will affect a wise choice and they will be different for every family.  Some of those variables are: learning style of students learning style of […]