Homeschool Curriculum for 5th and 6th Grade

This year in addition to our 2 high schoolers, our preschooler and our 2nd grader, we will be homeschooling our delightful daughters who will be in 5th and 6th grades.  To read about our curriculum choice for our other grades, please visit the links below: Preschool Second Grade High School Goals: Focus on writing […]

How I Plan to Homeschool Our Dyslexic 2nd Grader

This post contains affiliate links.   This will be our 19th year of homeschooling.  We have graduated 2 kids, have 2 kids in high school, 3 kids in elementary school and a preschooler!  Having this perspective of the whole scope of homeschooling makes me appreciate my elementary aged kids all the more. Our 2nd […]

Homeschooling a Dyslexic Preschooler

  In the past, I have not been a proponent of a highly structured preschool for my homeschooled kids.  Our curriculum consisted of Play Doh, read alouds and lots of freedom to play. My educational philosophy about preschool has changed some in the past few years in large part because of all the research […]

Successes and Failures in Our Homeschool

Photo Credit In August I offered to give weekly updates on how our homeschool plans were working out.  I have not posted on that subject in some time for several reasons;  some weeks are awfully mundane and boring and others are just plain awful! In reality, every week comes with its successes and failures. […]

What I Wish I’d Known Before I Started Homeschooling

  I’ve realized a couple of things after homeschooling for the past 18 years. 1.  No one has a perfect homeschool. 2.  The conflicts and difficulties that we all experience traveling down this road are catalysts for positive changes in the way we homeschool. The Homeschool Novice Like most homeschooling parents, I came out […]

How I Overcame Homeschool Burnout

  As you get older, you begin to see certain cycles that reappear in regular fashion over time.  One of those cycles occurs regularly in the months after the Winter Holidays and before Spring Break. February marks what I only half jokingly refer to as National Homeschool Burnout Month. Signs of Homeschool Burnout Any of […]

What Really Matters in Your Homeschool

As busy homeschool moms, we have a lot to manage.  Curriculums, schedules, running our homes, nurturing relationships and what about college? In the past 18 years of homeschooling, I have learned what is really important in homeschooling our kids.  Curious what they are? Click on the image below to see my guest post over at […]

Refocus Your Homeschool for the New Year

  The Christmas presents have been opened and the Christmas fudge is gone.  It’s time to refocus on the coming new year. I love a fresh start and have been gradually diving back into my computer and catching up on all of the blogs I love. As I pray over where to go with Abundant […]

What if They Don’t go to College?

  This post is sponsored by Praxis. Alternatives to College Over the past two weeks, we’ve been looking at how to get our dyslexic, out of the box thinkers in and out of college successfully.  We finished the series with a look at alternatives to college.  Many linear, left-brain thinkers like myself stand aghast […]

Alternatives to College

  As the mother of 8, seven with dyslexia and two 10th graders looking to their futures, I set out to write this 10-day series on Preparing Your Student with Dyslexia for College Success so that I would have the info that I need to help my dyslexic kids to be successful should they choose […]

Financial Aid and Scholarships for Students with Dyslexia

      Thank you for joining me on for this 10-day series on Preparing Your Student With Dyslexia for College Success.  To read the whole series, click here. You may be prepared for college and even been accepted into your college of choice, but what about paying for college? It used to be that when […]

Understanding the College Application Process

  Photo Credit Thank you for joining me on for this 10-day series on Preparing Your Student With Dyslexia for College Success.  To read the whole series, click here. We’ve taken a good look at getting ready for college, acquiring the skills needed, understanding the different kinds of programs available, and how to find a good […]