How to Raise Responsible Kids

    A lot has been said about the importance of spending quality time with our kids.  Rather like a pendulum, our culture has gone from one that believes children should be seen and not heard to one with extreme over indulgence resulting in an epidemic of entitlement attitudes. So how do we nurture the […]

Encouraging Student Leadership

    Are people simply born natural leaders?   Or do they need to be trained to be leaders? Consider the following definition of leadership before you answer: If this definition is true then we can safely say that, unless we’re living in a cave, we are all leaders.  The question now becomes whether or […]

The One Parenting Mistake You Cannot Afford to Make

  Although I had substantially more energy as a young mom, these days as a more … mature mom {ahem} have been graced by just a tad more wisdom that, in my humble opinion, more than makes up for my diminishing physical strength. As a young mom fresh out of college and well read in […]

Parenting Teens: 4 Tools for Success {plus resources}

    Photo Credit Last week we looked at a few effective ways to better Understand Your Teen by understanding: the purpose of a teen’s many physical changes, and, remembering our own teen years A foundation of compassion and understanding on mom and dad’s part will go a long way in helping parents set and […]

Understanding Your Teen

  As a mom of 3 teenagers, 1 former teenager and with 4 more teenagers to raise, I have to say that the years between 13 and 20 are not always my favorite.  I don’t always enjoy my teen children but over the years I have grown to understand them just a bit better and […]