When Parenting is Hard

I’m writing this post 10,000 feet in the air as I fly up to beautiful Oregon to attend the Come Away Retreat at Rockaway Beach. I’ll be speaking in a breakout session entitled ‘Fearless Parenting’ which is ironic because it has been an unusually trying month of struggles and disappointments for me in that area. […]

Helping Kids Set Goals

Setting and achieving goals can be a powerful experience for adults.  Why not help our kids set and achieve goals as well? One of the most formative experiences early in my life was achieving various goals that I had set for myself.  They were not elaborate goals;  one was to become an aerobic instructor at the […]

Helping Kids Find Purpose

When I became a parent for the first time nearly 23 years ago, I was much more concerned with getting some sleep and maybe even a shower than I was with helping my kids find their purpose.  In fact, being raised in a traditional home and school environment, my own purpose (at least for […]

What Parents of Prodigals Need to Know

A very brave homeschooling acquaintance of mine recently shared the painful story of her prodigal child.  Her mama heart broken and her head in a daze of confusion, she shared openly what is quite likely the most painful of parenting experiences – having your child reject you and the values with which you have […]

Homeschooling the Strong Willed Child

Photo Credit If you are the parent of a strong-willed child, let me first reassure you that strong-willed kids are born that way.  It is NOT your fault that your child sincerely believes that the world revolves around him (or her). Strong-willed kids are often natural born leaders.  They are wired with an extra dose […]

Improve Your Child’s Speech With Online Speech Therapy

  Our 6-year old son was a late talker.  His pediatrician noted this and recommended speech therapy when he was a mere 2 years old.  We asked around and found that the speech therapists in our area would only see our little guy if his insurance would cover the treatment.  Unfortunately, our insurance did not […]

Establishing a Quiet Time Routine

    ‘How on Earth do you do it?’ I’m not sure if this frequently asked question should concern me, but it is often the response I receive when people learn that I have 8 kids and that we homeschool all of them! This blog has shared many of the ways that we manage our […]

Parenting Outside the Box

  Because I am the mother of teen sailors, Zac and Abby Sunderland, I am often asked what on earth went on on our home life to and what elements of their education and life enabled each of them at 16-years old, to take on the challenge of sailing alone around the world. I am […]

Top 10 Parenting Posts From Abundant Life

  Sometimes I feel like such a phony writing about parenting.  Two of my kids were so naughty this week during a visit with my sister and her sweet kids visiting from San Francisco that I spent much of the visit hoping the floor would open up and swallow me (or them – ahem) […]

How to Raise Responsible Kids

    A lot has been said about the importance of spending quality time with our kids.  Rather like a pendulum, our culture has gone from one that believes children should be seen and not heard to one with extreme over indulgence resulting in an epidemic of entitlement attitudes. So how do we nurture the […]

Encouraging Student Leadership

    Are people simply born natural leaders?   Or do they need to be trained to be leaders? Consider the following definition of leadership before you answer: If this definition is true then we can safely say that, unless we’re living in a cave, we are all leaders.  The question now becomes whether or […]

The One Parenting Mistake You Cannot Afford to Make

  Although I had substantially more energy as a young mom, these days as a more … mature mom {ahem} have been graced by just a tad more wisdom that, in my humble opinion, more than makes up for my diminishing physical strength. As a young mom fresh out of college and well read in […]