The Secret to a Happy Marriage

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope that you are being blessed today by the people that you love.  My husband and I cheated and went out to dinner last night to avoid the crowds tonight.   I couldn’t help but be so thankful for him and all of his hard work that keep me home […]

Help for Your Homeschool

Homeschooling is hard.  Please don’t get philosophical on me and tell me that it isn’t. Wrangling a bunch of kids every day, teaching them everything from their ABCs to the meaning of life while keeping them all fed, clothed and relatively happy is no small thing. I have noticed over the years that there is […]

Homeschool Organization: First Things First

Photo Credit I love posts on organization – especially homeschool organization.  I love to learn what is working for other families as we march down this same path seeking to get. it. all. done. More than reading posts on organization, I like to be organized.  Since I am not naturally inclined towards order, rather […]

Motherhood: A Lifetime of Laboring

Adultery Death Sickness This past week, three friends have shared with me their hearts – hurting and broken by these tragedies.  A husband, battle weary, buys into the lie and falls away.  A child – unexpectedly, without warning, is taken.  The cause of a mysterious illness continues to elude doctors as the pain and […]

How to Have an Abundant Marriage

My older kids are always surprised when I tell them that I would not want to be 20 years old again.  All the freedom and beauty of youth does not lure me {except for maybe when my bursitis flares up!}.  Why do I not desire to revisit my youth?  Because I value the wisdom […]

Learning to Love the Light

Today is 5-Minute Friday where we write for 5 minutes with no back tracking, no over-thinking, no editing – just write. Today’s prompt is: Light   GO The hot tears stung my eyes as I remembered the angry words spoken to hurt. That by hurting me I would somehow know his hurt. Glimpses of […]

Why I Believe in Marriage {and You Should Too!}

The wedding card read, “May you be as happy for the rest of your life as you are today.” Excuse me?  Whoever wrote that surely wasn’t married! I mean, I’m surprised there hasn’t been a lawsuit.  This has got to be false advertising on some level. Then this, handwritten inside one wedding card, “May your […]