Large Family Cooking: 10 Must Have Kitchen Tools

I enjoy cooking.  Really, I do.  It’s just that with 8 kids, it can feel like I’m preparing food all. the. time. Although I am not naturally organized, I have managed to keep everyone alive for the past 23 years and over that time, I have learned some practical ways to prepare reasonably healthy […]

Feeding the Large Family: Rules of the Game

  Photo Credit The frequent feeding of large numbers of people can get a mom down.  Why is that someone is always hungry?! Be encouraged, however, that the very act of sitting down to eat together has a more profound effect than just filling stomachs: Frequent family meals are associated with a lower risk of […]

Finding Our Homeschool ‘Groove’

We’re wrapping up our 3rd week of homeschool.  We seem to be finding our groove quickly this year. Our daily routine is based these days less on a schedule and more on blocks of time.  For example, instead of being scheduled like this: 9:00 –  Bible Study 9:30  –  Science 10:00  –  English 10:30  – […]

Homeschool Organization: First Things First

Photo Credit I love posts on organization – especially homeschool organization.  I love to learn what is working for other families as we march down this same path seeking to get. it. all. done. More than reading posts on organization, I like to be organized.  Since I am not naturally inclined towards order, rather […]

Another Day in the Life of our Large Family Homeschool

I love the looks I get when I tell people that I homeschool 8 children.  As if birthing, feeding and clothing 8 children isn’t enough, we choose to keep them all home and educate them ourselves! The truth is that regardless of how crazy I may appear – or how much truth there may […]

Homeschooling a Large Family in a Small House

  This post is not meant to be some extreme, reality TV-like post on radical living. Our family isn’t extremely big;  we have eight kids. Our home is not extremely small;  we have five bedrooms and nearly 2000 square feet. Yet, we do have to be careful with how much stuff we have and organize […]

10 Things You Should Know About Large Families

Over the past nearly 22 years of motherhood, I have heard many and varied types of comments on the size of our family.  Having 2 kids was acceptable – we had the ‘perfect’ family! When we had our third, the questions began in earnest.  Why would you have more kids?  Don’t you want a […]

How to Find Free and Inexpensive Homeschool Curriculum

It’s tempting to think that you need to spend thousands of dollars to homeschool your kids.  This is never more true than with the large homeschooling family.  With a little thought and creativity, homeschool families can save money and still provide an excellent learning environment for their kids.  Here are some ways that our […]

Organizing the Large Family Homeschool: Schedules and Planners

  I hope you are finding some useful information in this 5-day series on planning for the large family homeschool.  I love taking a step back each summer, assessing what has worked and what hasn’t and planning for the next year.  So far in the series we have talked about preparing to plan by looking […]

Strategies for Multi-Level Teaching in the Large Family Homeschool

Today is day 3 in a 5-day series on planning for the large family homeshool.  Topics already covered are tips for solidifying your homeschool goals and some time-saving tips for teaching grade level subjects like Math and the language arts.  To read the entire series, click here.  Today’s subject is ways to teach multiple ages […]

10 Truths About Homeschooling a Large Family

After writing for the past two weeks about homeschooling with a large family (click here to read the entire series) I gathered a few final thoughts – universal truths you might say! 1.  It is often loud. 2.  It is always messy. 3.  Schedules are made to be changed. 4.  Mulit-level teaching is awesome! […]

Keeping Perspective in the Large Family Homeschool

    I can’t believe we are on the final day of this 10-day series!  I feel like I could write for a week on each subject in this series.  I will continue to post on homeschooling the large family as often as I can.  If there are any areas I didn’t cover, let me […]