Don’t Overlook This Subject in Your Homeschool

I love learning from homeschooling families that have gone before me.  After homeschooling for 20 years now, I have seen the full cycle of three of my kids’ education.  From the early days of non-stop feeding and sleep deprivation, to the wonders of watching them learn to read and understand the world around them, to […]

When Parenting is Hard

I’m writing this post 10,000 feet in the air as I fly up to beautiful Oregon to attend the Come Away Retreat at Rockaway Beach. I’ll be speaking in a breakout session entitled ‘Fearless Parenting’ which is ironic because it has been an unusually trying month of struggles and disappointments for me in that area. […]

The Secret to a Happy Marriage

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope that you are being blessed today by the people that you love.  My husband and I cheated and went out to dinner last night to avoid the crowds tonight.   I couldn’t help but be so thankful for him and all of his hard work that keep me home […]

Something New for Homeschool Moms and Bloggers

When I discovered homeschool blogs and blogging about 3 years ago, I ventured into a world of encouragement like I had never known before.  Yes, I still have ‘real life’ friends that I love, but my world of online friends and homeschool bloggers has been one of the greatest sources of encouragement in my many […]

Helping Kids Set Goals

Setting and achieving goals can be a powerful experience for adults.  Why not help our kids set and achieve goals as well? One of the most formative experiences early in my life was achieving various goals that I had set for myself.  They were not elaborate goals;  one was to become an aerobic instructor at the […]

10 Things to do With Kids on New Years Eve

If you’re like me and have (long) passed the ‘dress-up-and-go-out’ days of celebrating the new year, have some fun making memories this New Years Eve with the kids. 1. Dress up.  Even if you are staying home.  Make the evening special by wearing some special clothes.  Our girls love this, the boys – not so […]

Simple Handmade Christmas Ornaments

It has been raining here in Southern California.  This is so unusual, we are all terrified to go outside.  We cranked up the Christmas music and donned our fuzzy slippers for a day indoors.   Since we’re on school break, we decided to break out the glitter and glue guns for some simple homemade Christmas ornament […]

Simple Christmas Traditions for the Whole Family

Long before simple was ‘in’, I was into simple.  And frankly, with 8 kids in our family, there isn’t time for much more than simple Christmas traditions.  Just because a tradition is simple, doesn’t mean that it can’t be inspiring.     Here is my list of simple activities that can become inspiring traditions for […]

How to Balance the Needs of the Large Family at Christmas

With the birth of every new baby in our family we have gradually scaled back on time commitments out of a shear lack of time and energy.  However, no matter how much you intentionally scale back your commitments, even one special event per child can make it difficult to balance the needs of the large family at […]

How to Afford the Large Family Christmas

For a Christian blogger, it may seem unspiritual to equate Christmas balance and peace to finances but after 24 years of marriage and parenting, I’m all done pretending that issues don’t exist when they clearly do.  Being able to afford Christmas is important on many levels.   Christmas with a large family necessarily means more people […]

5 Days of Large Family Christmas Survival Tips

Perhaps the title of this post sounds a bit ‘bah humbug’.  Survival tips?  Aren’t we supposed to be decking the halls and rejoicing throughout the month of December? At the risk of sounding like a whiner, I am writing this week on surviving Christmas with a large family.  Why?  Because, although as a rule […]

Helping Kids Find Purpose

When I became a parent for the first time nearly 23 years ago, I was much more concerned with getting some sleep and maybe even a shower than I was with helping my kids find their purpose.  In fact, being raised in a traditional home and school environment, my own purpose (at least for […]