Something New for Homeschool Moms and Bloggers

When I discovered homeschool blogs and blogging about 3 years ago, I ventured into a world of encouragement like I had never known before.  Yes, I still have ‘real life’ friends that I love, but my world of online friends and homeschool bloggers has been one of the greatest sources of encouragement in my many […]

In Which I Make a Homeschool Blogger Confession

    It has come to my attention that there is a common misconception among blog readers that bloggers somehow live exemplary lives, that somehow they have managed to go through live unscathed, or shall I say less-scathed than the general population. This will come as no surprise to those that know me.  My life […]

Abundant Life Blog – One Year Later

One year ago today, I opened this online space not knowing where it would take me. As a homeschooling mother of 8, you may wonder what was I thinking?  Surely my time would be better spent cleaning, folding laundry, or planning lessons? “I have always said that a woman alone in her own home […]

Giving Up What is Good For What is Best

It has been a while since I have posted here at Abundant Life. As any bloggers reading this out there know, blogging is a good thing. Encouraging others through our own experiences is a gift that is given by God. When you’ve got that gift, the desire to help, share and encourage others comes naturally. […]

Put Down the Pen

“Put down the pen.” When He spoke the words straight to my heart, I stopped, though perplexed, and obeyed.  Why?  What did He mean?  What was He trying to say? Like the way I cup my busy 4-year old’s face in my hands – directing his eyes to meet my own so I can […]

My Blogging Fast

I have taken the past week off of blogging to settle some things between me and the Lord. You see, confusion had set in like a cloud in my mind and through the haze I was unable to see clearly to write with certainty what {or even if} the Lord wanted me to say. […]

Welcome to Abundant Life!

After much prayer and waiting on the Lord I am happy to say that I am starting a blog.  To some is given the gift of encouragement and our trials are meant, in part at least, so that we can encourage/comfort others with the encouragement/comfort that we have been given.  After 20 years of […]