10 Things to do With Kids on New Years Eve

Activities to do With Kids on New Years Eve

If you’re like me and have (long) passed the ‘dress-up-and-go-out’ days of celebrating the new year, have some fun making memories this New Years Eve with the kids.

1. Dress up.  Even if you are staying home.  Make the evening special by wearing some special clothes.  Our girls love this, the boys – not so much.  Do what works for your family.

2. Decorate.  Buy some inexpensive ribbons and balloons and let the kids decorate the living room themselves.  Don’t forget the party hats, streamers and noise makers.

3.  A special dinner.  Keep it simple or go all out.  After the busyness of Christmas, however, I’m inclined to take the easy route.  Ordering pizza or serving only their favorite appetizers are two New Years dinners that our kids love.  If you’re having adults over too, think about setting up a kids table with snacks and drinks just for the kids.

4.  Make a family new years resolution.  Talk about some things that you would like to do as a family and set a goal to achieve them.  This makes a great conversation among the family.

5. Record new years resolution videos.  Use your phone or video camera to record your kids telling about any resolutions or goals they have, why they chose it and what steps they will take to get there.  Not only do most kids love being in front of a video camera, the recording may help them own their goals and the permanent record of them voicing their goals will be a good reminder of their commitment.

6.  Make it a game night.  There are lots of cute ideas for the crafty types on line, but if you are like me and like to keep things simple, simply pulling out some favorite games and giving the time to sit and play can make for a fun and memorable evening.

7.  Make a time capsule.  This doesn’t have to be the Pinterest perfect kind of time capsule.  Simply have your kids write (or you write for the younger ones) their top experiences and thoughts for the year and put them in a box or ‘capsule’ to be read another time.  The perspective they gain from reading these years later is priceless.

8.  Movie time.  Spend the last hour or two before midnight relaxing together on the couch watching a favorite family movie.  Some of our favorites are:  The Sound of Music, Toy Story, Finding Nemo, and The Incredibles.

9.  Let them toast.  Pick up a few bottles of sparkling cider for the occasion.  We have even found plastic champaign flutes at the grocery store if you want to go fancy.  Some people just use a glass of milk with cookies.  What ever you choose, let your kids be a part of the end of evening toast.

10. Ring in the New Year Early! If your kids are younger, your party doesn’t have to happen at the stroke of twelve. Pretend it’s midnight and let them get to bed at a reasonable time.

What ever your family chooses to do on New Years Eve, remember that part of the joy of parenthood is sharing the things you love with your children. Enjoy!


How about your family?  What do you do together to ring in the New Year?



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  1. I love these ideas! I have small children and wanted to include them in our New Years Eve activities too (if they stay awake). Thanks for sharing!

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