Helping Kids Find Purpose

Helping Your Kids Find Purpose

When I became a parent for the first time nearly 23 years ago, I was much more concerned with getting some sleep and maybe even a shower than I was with helping my kids find their purpose.  In fact, being raised in a traditional home and school environment, my own purpose (at least for the first 22 years) was decided for me.  Go to school, get good grades, go to college and get a good job.  I never questioned this.  It worked for my parents and my brothers who were going before me.

As our kids reached school age and we began our homeschooling adventure, it wasn’t long before I realized that there was something different about our kids.  Despite the fact that they were bright and creative, they struggled learning to read.  Along the way, we discovered that 7 of our 8 kids had dyslexia.  We also put the pieces together and realized that my husband was dyslexic as well.  And here I was, never even knowing that there were bright people who struggled with school.

This turn of events resulted in some interesting conversations between my husband, who left school at 16 to complete an apprenticeship (in England), and me who had been raised from birth to understand the importance of college.  My husband insisted that kids did not have to go to college to be successful.  It was hard to argue with him since he was living proof!  I argued anyway.

And so I began to question things like what success really was and how we are all created for different purposes.  Don’t get me wrong, dyslexic kids can certainly go to college.  To read my 10-day series on preparing dyslexic kids for college, click here.  But there is so much more to success than obtaining a college degree.

My husband and I eventually agreed to help guide our kids to understand their gifts and talents.  If that led to college – great.  If it didn’t – great.  We taught them that God had created them uniquely, with unique purpose, and that if they could discover where their interests intersected with their abilities, they were likely be on the path to finding their purpose.

Learn More About Helping Kids Find Their Purpose

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Yesterday Shannen Espelien shared at  Middle Way Mom.  Shannen is the author of the chapters Getting Started with Credit-by-exam, Where to Buy and Sell Used Curriculum, and Transitioning to a Virtual School from Public School.

Tomorrow Kyle Suzanne McVay will be posting at Aspired Living.  Kyle is the author of the chapter Classical Homeschooling and she will be giving away A Home Educators Guide to Living Math.

How about you?  How have you raised your kids to find their purpose?

Marianne Sunderland

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