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This is not a typical post on how to make a homeschool schedule.  If you need a post like that, read this post I wrote last year called Creating Your Homeschool Schedule.  That post contains a lot of super helpful strategies that I use every year to create our family homeschool schedule.

The purpose of this post today is to help you come to grips with the reality of your homeschool schedule.

The reality of a homeschool schedule

It is important to have a schedule.

But know that just like achieving balance in your homeschool, creating and attempting to stick to a schedule is no guarantee that your day-to-day life will actually adhere to that schedule.

I find that a lot of my energy living a busy homeschool life is poured into correcting my kids.  Correcting kids is just part of life as a parent, and really should be the number one priority in our days.  Correcting our kids is the same as discipling our kids.  However, reality sets in and the dishes pile up and we can lose track of that priority.

What I’m talking about today is not correcting kids.  If your kids need correcting, stop everything – immediately – and do it.  A child left to himself brings shame to his mother.  Ask me how I know.

What I am talking about today is telling your kids, reminding your kids, day after day to feed the chickens, make their beds, take out the trash etc, etc, etc.

We should not be doing that.  Our schedules should be doing that.  Our schedules are a tool to help all of us to know what we are supposed to be doing.

That is why every year, I make a homeschool schedule.  We struggle along until it becomes a routine and then we put the schedule away.  Inevitably, our train goes off the tracks at some point and we pull it out again, make some minor changes, and get back to the routine.  Like a pendulum swinging, right?  I’m pretty sure half of the battle in maintaining a balanced home life is having realistic expectations.  Knowing that we will never achieve perfect balance and that schedules are only a guide, helps keep our expectations realistic – right where they need to be.

More than schedules

I have found oftentimes that having a schedule, although good, is not always enough.  We need to be on the same page as a family.  We need to take the time to maintain our relationships so that we act as a team and pull together.

You can have the most elaborate schedule but if your kids resent it and you, you will be hard pressed to enforce it.

In the next days and weeks as you begin to plan and prepare for the upcoming school year, make sure to take time with the kids to see what they like and dislike about homeschooling.

I really believe that many home schools spin out of control because mom did her planning while the kids swam in the pool or had a playdate with friends instead of planning alongside their kids.

Homeschooling is so much more than curriculum and schedules.  Homeschooling, in its finest state, is a lifestyle of learning and living in unity together.  When our lives swing out of balance, it is usually because we are clinging too tightly to something;  the schedule, the curriculum or the expectations.

Click this link to read the other posts in this series on Creating and Maintaining Balance in Your Homeschool.  Check back tomorrow where I’ll be writing about real life prioritizing – strategies for knowing and intentionally living by your priorities.

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