5 Days of Creating Balance in Your Homeschool

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You may be wondering why I am writing about balance in the homeschool while we are still enjoying our summer breaks and, more likely than not, fantasizing about how next year is going to be the perfect year – finally.  You know you’re thinking it.  How do I know this?  I’ve been homeschooling for 18 years and I still entertain these delusions every summer.

Myths and Truths About Achieving Balance in the Homeschool

The truth is that there will be no perfect year.  I’m going to step out on a limb here and let you know another hard truth about balance – you will never achieve it.

Please!  Hear me through.

What I mean to say is that every year there will be some thing, some event – painful or pleasant – that is going to throw your homeschool plans into a tail spin.  Expecting it is half the battle in finding balance.

Furthermore, there is no homeschool that operates in perfect balance all the time.

I believe it was Sally Clarkson who described balance like a pendulum, our lives are swinging in and out of balance as we navigate the unexpected storms of life.

Sure, we may have seasons where things are running smoothly and we enjoy some smooth sailing but then before long we are hit by situations that make keeping balance difficult and we struggle.

The idea is to keep the pendulum from swinging too far – to anticipate the storms by seeing the signs of their approach while they are still on the horizon and alter course before we get slammed and our homeschool goes under.  (I’m liking these sailing metaphors.)

During this 5-day series, I will give you the tools to help you to put a few simple systems in place so that you can create and maintain balance in your homeschool.

Topics we will cover are (links will be live as posts are written):

What’s your educational philosophy?
Tomorrow I’ll show you how to take the time to discover your purpose in homeschooling.  The reasons why we have chosen to homeschool vary from family to family and even from year to year.  We started homeschooling nearly 20 years ago because  we wanted to travel and spend time with our kids.  I mean how hard could homeschooling really be, right?  Ahem…  We have continued homeschooling for a variety of different reasons even though we have learned that it is anything but easy!

Who, what, where and when:  creating realistic and flexible schedules to help you get more done.
I’ve confessed before how I am not a naturally organized person.  However, I am not a fan of chaos and homeschooling a large family in a small house just demands a certain amount of organization.  If I can do it, you can do it!

Real life prioritizing.
Strategies for knowing and intentionally living by your priorities – choosing the best things for your families.
Homeschooling today is like eating at an all-you-can-eat buffet.  There is just so much awesome stuff to do, read and experience.  How do we keep a long term perspective while choosing the classes, clubs and curricula for our kids?

Healthy moms are happy, more productive moms.
It is easy to sacrifice  your own personal well-being for the well-being of your family, especially in the early years of parenting and homeschooling.  Learn my top 5 health habits that give me more energy to bless my family.

There will never be a perfect balance in your real life homeschool.  However, with a little planning and a bit of wisdom, you can learning to give and take and keep the chaos to a minimum.

 Creating and Maintaining Balance in Your Homeschool is part of the iHomeschool Network’s Summer Hopscotch.  Click the image below for more great posts in this series!

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Marianne Sunderland

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  1. Oh, I’m so excited to read your wise words in this series! I’m striving for a relaxed pace this homeschool year ….. a tall order as a working momma who’s certified Type A.

    Thanks for blessing us with your experience.

    • Marianne Sunderland says:

      Thanks for dropping by Dianna. I am writing as much to myself as to others! You are not alone. 🙂

  2. Sue Sanchez Grela says:

    I will be co-home schooling my godson and excitedly am soaking up all the tips from experienced families!

  3. Doing too much or doing little is what make the homeschool unbalanced. This post is a perfect example of creating Homeschool Balance that will help you understand what balance looks like, feels like, and how to create it. You can actually learn strategies to find that unique, perfect balance for your family and homeschool without going crazy! Thanks for sharing.

  4. This is really a great post!!! I love reading tips from other homeschool moms. I’ve been homeschooling for a couple years now while working and it is definitely a work in progress. Finding balance is huge right now for me. Thankfully I have my husband helping who is a huge motivator for me. Thanks for the encouragement!

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