10 Truths About Homeschooling a Large Family

10 truths

After writing for the past two weeks about homeschooling with a large family (click here to read the entire series) I gathered a few final thoughts – universal truths you might say!

1.  It is often loud.

2.  It is always messy.

always messy

3.  Schedules are made to be changed.

4.  Mulit-level teaching is awesome!

big sister

5.  Siblings make great classmates.


6.  The best ‘toy’ for a busy 2-3 year old is a 6 year-old sister.

7.  Yes, they will learn to function in society.


8.  Trampolines are a gift from God (we are on our 3rd one!).

9.  Teenagers and babies are a good combination.

teens and babies

10.  There is always lots of love!

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Marianne Sunderland

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  1. Sweet friend – you picked some awesome Top 10 truths!!! You are a true blessing to me and others1

  2. Love so much about this list. (And although I haven’t caved to having a trampoline just yet, the idea is sounding better and better!)

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