Homeschooling the Large Family: How to Get it All Done


Large Family Homeschooling

This title was kind of unfair.  In my nearly 18 years of homeschooling, I’m pretty sure that I have never gotten it all done!

Don’t stop reading though, because regardless of how many children you have, there will always more on your to-do list than time will allow in any one day.

Wise homeschool parents will recognize this early on and take steps to maintain their sanity buy practicing the following tips to enhance their homeschool productivity:

1. Wake up before the kids – not 5 minutes before them – I’m talking at least an hour. Long enough to put on the coffee or tea and get into the Word and prayer well before the kids are tearing through the house.  Ironically, even though I am not by nature a morning person, when I get up early, before the rest of the family I am prepared for the day and tend not to be tempted to fall into complaining – the bane of homeschooling.  To read more about easing in to a morning quiet time, read this post.

2. Routine, routine, routine. Please understand, I am not one who likes rigid schedules and truthfully, while homeschooling, I can’t remember a time when we stuck to the schedule completely. If there is an understanding of what is at least supposed to be going on, there is less effort in corralling everyone and pointing them in the right direction throughout the day.  If you haven’t implemented a schedule before or have gotten away from your schedule and your homeschoole is getting crazy, try starting with a morning routine say from breakfast to lunchtime. Add to that as you build confidence and the kids get used to having a routine.  I find I can be fairly consitant and organized at least until lunch. {wink}

 3. Plan what you are having for dinner in the morning or better yet, plan your whole week’s menu over the weekend. There are a gazillion Meal Planning web sites and blogs out there.  At the very least invest in a crockpot.  Simplifying the nearly constant feeding of your family will make life much more relaxed.

4. Attitudes are caught – not taught. Keep it positive Mom! It is amazing how a simple attitude of gratitude can keep your home cheerful and positive. If you’re not feeling it – put some worship music on and sing! It will come.

Commit your works to the Lord, and your thoughts will be established.  Proverbs 16:3

5. Enlist the help of your husband. If there is one thing I have learned after being married for nearly 22 years, it is not only that our husbands really do want to help, they often have great ideas about how to run our homeschool. If we humble ourselves and hop down off of our homeschool soap boxes, our husbands not only love to be asked for their opinion, they often have the just the insight that we need but miss because we lack the objectivity.  Nothing makes me so sad as a wife that disrespects her husband.  They are our heros and will do anything for us if we show them the respect that they need.

There are lots of tips for success that I have learned over the years – favorite curriculums, child training tips, and the like, and accepting limitations but sticking as close as we can to these 5 standards is how we have kept our family thriving even through the hard times.

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