In Which The Winter Blahs Arrive

I’ve been inspired to write more than a few of my ‘dear mom’ posts lately which is a good indicator that I am in need of some encouragement.  You know I am writing these letters to myself, right?  <grin>

You would think with the sunny skies of Southern California that the winter time blahs would not get a foot hold.


Discouragement for me usually comes in waves.  Too many negative things coming on me all at once;  children are bickering, curriculums are getting boring, husband’s business is too slow, how much weight did I put on?  You know the daily woes that serve to cement our gaze solidly  on ourselves?  Yeah, those ones.  Poor me.


Well, I have been there and done that and through it all I find that truthfully, there is some benefit to getting older.  Nothing physical of course, but there is wisdom.

Wisdom that says just stop.  Stop striving and fretting.  Stop.

I have a kid who is 21 years old and it seems like he should be about five years old.  Time passes too quickly to fritter it away getting caught up in meaningless worry and other life-sucking distractions.

So this week, we did art.


We played with our bunnies.




We got haircuts.



And we went to the park.


And I may or may not have eaten an unusually large amount of chocolate.


Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10


Dear Discouraged Mama

Dear Homeschool Mom Who Wants to Quit


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  1. I love your candor. And you’re right – with age comes wisdom and I too am trying not to fret and simply enjoy the lifestyle with my children. Often I disengage from the Net in order to be still and refocus on the important things. Thanks for sharing this letter to yourself – I enjoyed it!

  2. I am benefitting from your wisdom to just BE STILL. Hugs to you, Marianne, and thank you for linking with Collage Friday!

  3. The art work looks great!

    • Hi Mary, That is one of the See The Light art DVD courses we were working on. I cannot recommend them enough. There is a bit of art history, a spiritual tie in and step by step, fun lessons that all of my kids and I love!

  4. Oh yes, I know all about those discouraging thoughts, too! Painting is always a good way to dig out of those “poor me’s.” =) Cute bunnies!

    • Hi Amber. I had been feeling like a needed a break but wouldn’t do it because I wanted to keep to my schedule. Well, I should have just taken the break before being totally drained. Still learning…. Nice to hear from you. Blessings!

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