10 {Good} Reasons to Get up Earlier

I love sleep as much as the next person.  In fact this post was inspired by a few days of sleeping in late and napping long during the afternoons.  My body needed the extra rest to fight some weird flu.  So why would I write a post like this?

The Reasons

1.  It’s Biblical.  The Proverbs 31 woman did it.  Verse 15 says that she rose while it was still night to provide food for her family.  I think it is fair to say that we can emulate the Proverbs 31 woman in any way, shape or form and not go wrong!

2.  It provides you with more focused time with the Lord.   Who couldn’t use more of this?  Maybe it is just me.  I have a busy household.  For example, the bathroom is my prayer closet and before I started getting up early, it was the only place I could be alone!

3.  It provides more time to read.  When I say read – I am referring to reading materials with larger than 3-letter words and those that are not instructional in nature.  After reading the Word, praying and journaling, I sometimes read a devotion or devotional-type  blogs for more inspiration.  Homeschooling or staying at home with your children can be a lonely venture at times and hearing the encouraging words of others who are walking the same path can be incredibly encouraging.

4.  It provides more time to plan.  Everyday of every week brings more opportunities than we have time for.  Knowing what is best comes by careful prayer.  Having a plan that that can be shared with the crew with confidence every morning helps everyone be on the same page throughout the day.  

5.  You can be more prepared for the kids.  When I had 2 kids, life was fairly predictable.  Even with 4 kids, I could keep up – after a fashion.  With 6 kids at home, being homeschooled, the youngest 2 of which are high energy little boys – I need to be prepared for their arrival to the day.  Getting up well before them and being filled with the Word, coffee and a plan gives me a sense {however real} of being in control of our day.

6.  You will have some real quiet time.  Most afternoons we have an hour or two  where the kids each have what is supposed to be a time of quiet – by themselves.  However, the reality is that , though it is quieter, it is not really quiet.  There are always requests for drinks, help with one thing or another, or for an early release which means that, for mom, this is not truely quiet. Getting up before everyone means that I have some quality, uninterrupted quiet time, which for this introverted mama – is invaluable.

7.  You will have time to write.  I am writing this post {in my notebook} while curled up on the couch, sipping coffee before the family gets up.  This is not always possible.  Some posts need more research and time spent at the computer, but still, being able to let the words flow, uninterrupted is wonderful.

8.  It is not that hard.  I am physiologically wired to be more productive at night – a morning person.  I prefer night time for reading and writing.  However, 21 years ago, I married a morning person and though I fought against it for years, I have finally made the switch to going to bed and getting up earlier.  Now I am the one who teases my husband about sleeping late!

9.  It has changed my outlook on my days.  I have gone from waking up feeling behind and overwhelmed to feeling centered, focused and prepared.  This is good for the whole family.

10.  It could change your life too!

Marianne Sunderland

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  1. Hi, Marianne, thanks for posting this. I popped over from top 10 Tuesdays. Waking up earlier is something I aim to do every day. It does make everything flow better.

    • Yes, I think even a bit earlier, rather than waking up to hungry kids at the end of the bed, is preferrable! Blessings to you!

  2. Mairanne, I agreed with you,
    I do feel have more time to read or do things alone without interruption in the early morning,especially reading the encouraging words will inspire my day….

    I started this habit to get up earlier because my husband is a morning person too, it is a struggle for me at the beginning, but now I enjoy the early morning, feeling like I have more time to get ready for the day.

    • Hi Jenny – your story is much like mine then. It just goes to show that we can overcome ‘obstacles’ if our hearts are in it. God bless!

  3. What a fantastic post!! Thank you for your insight and sharing your experiences. I struggle with mornings, but wake around 530 to take care of my personal morning routine. My husband usually wakes around that time, too. There’s just three of us ~ my husband, son and me. Since my husband pastors our church where my son attends school, they leave together around 745. Then, my “real” time begins…

    Have a great day, my friend!

    • Hi Stefanie. Wow – I think if I got up at 5:30 and others were already up I would be a real mess! How nice that the ‘men’ go together. 🙂 I think as long as we find that quiet time, it may not matter when it is – morning, evening or after everyone is at work or school. Blessings to you!

  4. “My time” used to be at nights. When my children were younger they were usually in bed around 8 or 9 so then I would have ‘me’ time. Tidy up around the house, watch the tv show that I wanted to watch, read some blogs or just simply read a book. Now this is something that I still struggle with but am slowly learning the benefits of getting up earlier. When I started homeschooling for the first time last year I could really start to see the benefits of getting up earlier. I am now doing a Hello Mornings study and starting a Good Morning Girls study in September. Getting up a bit earlier and spending those moments with God is really truly enriching my life.
    I love your points!!!!

    • I should have mentioned Good Morning Girls. I did participate as well. It was very encouraging for sure! Thanks for mentioning it.

  5. It’s so true! I have found pretty much the same benefits as you have listed here for getting up early. God blesses as we honour him! Thanks for sharing this encouragment! (visiting from TTT)

  6. Found you on the Tues Top Ten link up! I so know I should get up earlier but I have so much trouble sleeping at night, it just never seems to work out. 🙁 Insomnia stinks.

    • I am so sorry for you! I have not had trouble sleeping but the opposite – I can’t get up! At times when I can’t sleep, I pray and even read the Word – seeking God in case He is trying to tell me something. 🙂

  7. Fabulous post! I wish I could make myself get up earlier, but I’ve always been a night owl (since I was a kid). It just seems like that’s the way my brain is hardwired.

    • I know how you feel. I wonder if my life allowed me to stay up later, if that would have the same benefits as getting up earlier? I will probably never know!

  8. The earlier I get up, the earlier my kids get up. It’s like they have some kind of sensor. No matter how quiet I am… {sigh}

    • Well, day light savings has not been good for my morning quiet time – that is for sure! I finally told the kids not to come out before 6:30. 🙂

    • Exactly! Mine do too. But only the little ones. The ones old enough to be helpful sleep through everything, it seems.

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