40% Off Jesus Calling Collection at DaySpring

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Jesus Calling Sale at Dayspring

 Jesus Calling Collection- 40% off with code JCOFF40

This sale came through my email this afternoon and I had to stop and pass it along to you!  If you have never read the Jesus Calling Devotional, you are missing out.  Full of scripture-based inspiration, these short, daily devos are a perfect way to start your busy, homeschool days.  Receive 40% off all Jesus Calling items with the discount code JCOFF40 until September 1st.


Jesus Calling – Devotional Book

Reg. Price: $15.99
With coupon: $9.59

Jesus Calling Sale


Pass Along Holder with Set of 40 Cards

Reg. Price: $9.99 
With coupon: $5.99



365 Day Perpetual Calendar

Reg. Price: $10.99 
With coupon: $6.59



365 Day Perpetual Calendar for Kids

Reg. Price: $15.99 
With coupon: $9.59


Visit the DaySpring web site to view the entire collection.

Jesus Calling Collection- 40% off with code JCOFF40

Marianne Sunderland

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