Homeschooling: Finding Our Rhythm


Homeschool Rhythm

It has been a bit quiet around here lately with the launch of my new site and getting back to school.  We just finished our first official week of school.  I LOVE homeschooling.  However, I am always surprised at how surprised I am that it is SO difficult to get started.

Well, starting wasn’t so hard.  Instead of heading outside to play after breakfast, I told the kids to stay at the table.  No fancy photos, no new outfits, no signs.  Sometimes I feel like a bad mom for not making more of our first day of school but after 18 years of homeschooling, I know a few things:

  • I know that if I try to be like other families, mimicking and comparing, I will stumble.
  • I know that I need to pace myself and first day fan fare is too much for this aging mama.
  • I know that it is more effective to point out the beauties and freedoms of homeschooling to my kids in natural situations like heading to the beach on a Wednesday because it is just. too. hot, even though their neighborhood friends are still in school.

homeschool family

What was hard about getting started homeschooling was:

Breaking away from our relaxed summer ‘schedule’.  Summertime is so refreshing for me.  I like to take my time and enjoy life.  I honestly struggle with having a long list of things I need to do, such as homeschooling 6 kids.  Ironic, I know.

Finding a rhythm that works.  I avoid schedules these days because they make me crazy.  We have more of a routine and order of events.  Breakfast and morning routines, followed by gathering at the dining room table for Bible and memory work, folioed by younger kids playing while I work with the older kids etc.  The trouble this week has been trying to figure out what comes next and which order of events flows most naturally, teaches kids their tough subjects (I’m tutoring 3 of my dyslexic kids this year) and at the times of day at which they learn best.

Finding the pencil sharpener.  Seriously, what a novice move!

Finding time to clean.  I’m pretty good at prioritizing.  Learning and making the most of teachable moments (which are a frequent occurrence around here) leave little time for cleaning.  We’re still struggling to get our routines done and chores delegated.

Finding time to write on my blogs.  Family and homeschool blogs would not be very interesting if the writer sat in a quiet, clean, organized, clean, quiet….ahem, office all day writing.  Real life produces the best content.  Believe me, there is a lot of content material going on right now.  Stay tuned.  :)

Making time for my husband.  With so many things to do, it is tempting to stay up late and work.  Knowing full well that that would be a recipe for disaster, I go to bed with my husband every night.  Those hours to clean, answer emails and write will find their way into the routine eventually.  Deep breath!

Iced coffee

So, our first week back at school felt like a 3-ring circus but you know, my kids are happy, they’re learning and there is always the weekend to catch up on laundry and cleaning.

Maybe this weekend I’ll take some time to look through my posts on homeschool organization and see if I can help myself!

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How is your homeschool going?

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