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Happy Saturday!

I was inspired by a talk last weekend given by awesome blogger and mom of many, Lisa Jacobson at Club 31 Women, on how the little things can actually make the biggest impact on our kids.  We had a break this week from our homeschool co-op, so on Tuesday, when my kids asked me to hike 5 miles to Paradise Falls  – I said yes.


What a day we had!  Because I had some work to do before we left, my ‘little girls’ prepared food and got the ‘little boys’ dressed.  We had several hours of exploring, great conversations and lunch under the trees.  I was reminded of how great a privilege it is to homeschool this bunch of creative, passionate souls.


Other highlights this week were a trip to Legoland because of a gift of free tickets from my sister and the agony and excitement of another child taking (and passing) their driver’s test.  If you don’t know what I mean by agony and excitement – it’s hard to explain – but you’ll know soon enough!  Enjoy this little ones!

Our link up, The Homeschool Mother’s Journal, has been going strong now for the past few weeks.  Thank you to all who have stopped by to read and to link up!

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