Help For The Unorganized Homeschooler

Help for the Unorganized Homeschool Mom

It seems to be a time of confession this week on the blog.  From sharing what our homeschool really looks like, to admitting that I am {almost} hopelessly unorganized – I’m into keeping it real.

Because who needs to hear how awesome we homeschool bloggers are without also hearing how we fall?

It is no secret that I am not naturally organized.  I have been open about that.  Necessity being the mother of invention, I have adapted to my surroundings and mastered a small degree of organization.  However, inevitably, I stop inspecting what I expect, nag instead of consequence, and eventually lose site of our schedule and routines so that our everyday life becomes chaotic and crazy.

The good news is that, unlike my early years of homeschooling, I now know what to do about it.

Mom’s Morning Routine

The first thing that needs to change when our home and school go off the rails is for mom to remember to take care of herself.  For me as a Christian, this starts with my own, personal devotion time which I used to make time for by getting up early. Getting filled up spiritually first, before the busyness of the day, is the single most powerful factor in the direction our homeschool day takes.  It’s even better when I read through a Proverb with my kids too.  Encourage them to look for the words wise or wisdom and fool or foolish and ask them who they want to be like.

homeschool routine


Take Care of Mom

It started way back when I had 4 kids under 10.  My normally healthy, balanced diet went out the window as survival became my motivation for eating.   My new diet was whatever was around and available, things like peanut butter and jelly, gold fish and juice boxes followed by coffee and chocolate every afternoon.  It doesn’t take long for this diet to take a toll on energy levels and mental clarity.  Here are 10 doable lifestyle changes that busy moms can quickly and easily benefit from.

how to have more energy


Establish Homeschool Goals

I find it profoundly helpful to remember why I am homeschooling when our homeschool life gets crazy.  Since my husband and I began creating a Homeschool Mission Statement a few years ago, I can’t think of a single time that I have contemplated putting my kids in school.  Knowing why you homeschool not only helps you stay the course, it helps you choose activities based on whether or not they are bringing you closer to or farther away from your homeschool goals.

How to Make a Homeschool Mission Statement

Establishing a Daily Routine

I don’t know about your house, but my kids would play all day if I let them.  Play is a good thing, however, if I don’t establish some expectations for our days, I quickly become a herder of cats.  When everyone knows the general order of the day – morning routines, Bible study, school, lunch, chores, playtime – we move together through our day, albeit in fits and starts, rather than mom pulling and pushing all day long.

Organizing the Large Family Homeschool


Creating a Homeschool Schedule

homeschool schedule



More Tips For Getting it All Done

Not that will ever get everything on your to-do list finished, but we can get more done by employing some simple strategies into our daily routines.

Large Family Homeschooling


How to Find Your Homeschool Rhythm

More and more lately, I try to step back from my schedule and planner and look for the natural flow for our home and school.  We have made drastic measures this year to keep our schedule open so that we are home more.  Being home allows me to keep my finger on the pulse of our family.  Who is an early riser?  Who works better in the afternoon?  Which activities are priorities and therefore need to be done early in the day?  Finding your unique family’s natural rhythm can help avoid struggles so common with rigid schedules.

Homeschool Rhythm

Maintaining Balance in the Homeschool

I wrote this five-day series during the summer when life when I had the big-picture perspective afforded by a long break from the school routine.  I re-read it this week in an effort to get my mindset back on track.


Everyone Gets Burned Out Sometimes

If you find yourself bottoming out and in a full state of homeschool burnout, you are not alone.  Most homeschool get out of balance from time to time.  I encourage you – don’t give up!

When You Want to Quit

All of these posts were written by me and for me.  We all struggle in the day-to-day of homeschooling.  My prayer is that by sharing our own mistakes and how we have overcome them that you will be encouraged to carry on.


Marianne Sunderland

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